In order to ensure that the general public only sees the highest quality ads from Geobid, and in order to meet the requirements of our ad network partners, the following Advertiser Guidelines must be met. A Geobid Quality Assurance Analyst will view your website to make sure that these guidelines are followed. The Geobid audit, combined with an audit by our ad network partners, will take approximately 1 business day before your ads and website are approved. If your website or ads are declined after the Geobid audit, we encourage you to make changes and contact us at and ask for your website or ads to be reevaluated. Websites and ads are reviewed individually, and Geobid reserves the right to refuse service at anytime to any advertiser or website.

The following is a list of guidelines regarding what Geobid will and will not accept.

Adult Products and Pornography: Websites and or ads which promote the services, use or sale of adult products are prohibited. This would include videos, live shows, publications, sexual enhancement products and sex toys. This list is not all inclusive, and Geobid reserves the right to limit its services to websites which contain obscenity, nudity or other forms of “adult” content (possibly even risque content).

Affiliates: Geobid will not accept websites which have offerings or link to third party companies or partners, or other affiliate websites.  Other sites that will not be accepted include reseller programs, Green Label Network, mastermind sites, or sites which use Clickbank, or related affiliate services.

Aggregators/Blog Sites: Websites which compile third party content are often known as “aggregator websites.” These types of websites which do not offer original services or products will not be accepted. In addition, blogs which do not sell a product or service will not be accepted.  Informational blog sites are acceptable, unless they have little to no content (in which case they will be rejected).

Airsoft and BB Guns: Geobid is expressly committed to protecting young people, and we will not accept websites which sell or advertise Airsoft guns, BB guns, or any type of simulated weapon which may have the potential to injure others through projectiles.

Alcohol: Although Geobid does not accept websites which offer alcohol for sale, we do accept websites representing bars and concert venues which legally sell alcohol. However, within your ads you cannot advertise alcohol specifically.

Auto-Downloads: Geobid does not allow sites which provide or contain access to any files which download or execute without an intentional act by the user (ie. “auto-download”).

Auto-Redirect: Websites which contain content that automatically redirects the user to other websites or apps are prohibited by Geobid.

Children’s Products (COPPA): Geobid strives to be in compliance with COPPA (The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), and as a general rule, we will not accept websites which are directed to sell items or services which are specifically directed to children under the age of 13. However, sites that do offer products for children can be accepted if the ads are generally directed towards adults to purchase the items for children, and as long as no visitor data is collected on pages with content intended for children under 13. For a more extensive review of Geobid’s Children’s Privacy Policy click here to be directed to our COPPA page.

Clarity Policy and a Verifiability of Claims: All approved websites must not make claims that cannot be verified through reasonable means and processes. Your site must also clearly define what your product is and what to purports to do.

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery: These sites are allowed as long as photographs contained therein do not display sensitive areas of the body which involve nudity. The ads can feature a specific medical practice or doctor, but they cannot target a specific treatment or procedure. In other words, they must be generalized ads which list multiple services. The ads also must be family safe.

Dating Sites: Personal ads, matchmaking sites, dating advice sites or dating products will not be accepted.

Deceptive Content: Geobid will not approve ads which deceive a user into action through misleading appearance or behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, ads or creative’s which have false errors or warnings about viruses, mimic otherwise standard functionality buttons (such as video players which don’t actually play videos), or which have the ability to corrupt disc or contain missing codecs.

Defamation: Ads and sites cannot contain or provide access to defamatory content as defined by the law.

Drug and Drug Paraphernalia Sites: Geobid will not accept any ads or websites which offer steroids, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia.

Educational Sites and Academic Service Ads: Geobid will accept websites and ads which clearly display the details, costs and value of educational academic services or products. These would include educational services regarding schools, educational institutions, tutors and online courses. Keep in mind that all claims contained within the ads or websites must be verifiable.

Exit Pop Ups and/or Browser Manipulation Content: Websites that use extensive “exit pop ups” or other types of browser manipulation which can restrict or prevent visitors from leaving the site will not be accepted or approved.

Forums: Online web forums are accepted as long as they are not the main function of the website. If the forum does link to a homepage which is describing a service or product (which otherwise satisfies Geobid’s requirements) then it can be accepted.

Financial and Bank Services: As long as financial services comport with State or Federal Law, Geobid will accept them. This will include banks and credit unions, credit card companies, wealth management services and credit loan companies.

Floating Layer Ads: Geobid does not accept advertisements which “float” or are displayed outside of the designated spot for an ad unit. Any ads which move or obscure the content of our ad network partner sites is not allowed.

Functionality Issues: Geobid does not accept websites with major functionality issues.  For example, if you have a e-commerce site with multiple product listing but the product & “add to cart” links are dead links, we don’t know the true intent of the site and will not let it in our network.

Gambling Sites: Websites which promote gambling are prohibited by Geobid. This would include services or products related to gambling software, gambling, online casinos and sports books, bingo or poker sites, and any others which advertise lotteries or games of skill.

Government Services or Forms Which Require Payment: Geobid will only accept websites which contain government forms or offer government services that are available for a lesser fee or charge than would be offered by the government.

Hate Speech: Geobid prohibits sites which provide access to hate speech. This includes, but is not limited to, the definition of hate speech under the law which protects groups or individuals as defined by race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, ethnicity, nationality, etc. Geobid also will prohibit ads or sites which intimidate, disparage or encourage prejudice or attacks (whether violent or not) against protected groups or individuals.

Health and Vitamin Supplements: Geobid reviews all diet, vitamin or health supplement websites and ads on a case by case basis. All claims contained within the ads or sites must be verifiable. Generally, Geobid will not accept ads which are specifically targeting muscle enhancement, body building or weight loss. However, you can contact a Geobid Ad Manager in order to determine if your ads or sites will qualify.

Illegal Sites: Geobid, at its sole discretion, will determine whether any ad or site submitted may be reasonably construed to be in violation of any law, regulation or court order.

Illegal Drugs: Geobid prohibits any sites which feature the sale of pharmaceuticals drugs or other drug paraphernalia which is illegal. Prescription medication offered for sale over the web is also prohibited by Geobid. However, generalized ads regarding a medication will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Inadequate Privacy Notice/Consent Sites: Any site which does not properly identify or provide notice to a user regarding data collection will not be allowed. In addition, the site must specifically specify the functionality or software to which ads are delivered, and which data is collected for the specific purpose of future advertising use.

Interference with Navigation: Websites which create interference or cause the inability of a user to successfully navigate leaving a page or site will not be permitted. This includes the use of “exit pop ups” and “new windows” which are not the stated intent of the navigation.

Interference with Other Ads: Geobid does not accept ads which modify, obscure, replace or interfere with any other advertiser’s ad inventory or display advertisements.

Lead Generation Websites: Websites designed for the purpose of gathering information for lead generation (ie “lead gen”) will not be accepted. Lead Gen sites are defined as sites which do not offer a product or service and are only designed to collect user information. This include sites which require the user to provide information before they are granted access to the site or sites which offer a product or service only upon providing answers to surveys or forms.

Lingerie/Sexually Explicit Clothing: Geobid will not approve websites which contain lingerie that is sexually explicit. Ads must be “family/safe” and cannot contain nudity or expose sensitive areas of the body.

LSO’s/Flash Cookies: Local Shared Objects (LSO’s) and flash cookies contained in sites for the purpose of ad delivery and reporting, multi site advertising or online behavioral advertising are not permitted. Flash cookies and LSO’s, along with HTML5 local storage (or any other type of browser helper objects) are not allowed. Geobid also prohibits the storage of user data which is unique, such as browsing history, interest segments or user ID’s.

Malware is Prohibited: Geobid will not accept any websites which contain the ability to download any malware, virus or “malicious code”. Users of Geobid also are required to have procedures in place to prevent malware. For a more extensive review of Geobid’s requirements click here to be directed to our malware policy page.

Marketing/Agency Sites: Geobid accepts websites of Ad agencies which clearly detail marketing services and are designed to assist users. Ad agencies, website optimization and data analysis services will be readily accepted. Websites which require or offer interaction on social media sites or which require “likes” or the posting of reviews will not be accepted. In addition, Geobid does not accept websites which contain tools to buy or sell traffic, or which contain unverifiable claims.

Medical Supply Sites: Geobid will accept websites which offer generalized First Aid or hospital supplies. We will not accept sites which offer medical devices designed for specific treatments, or medical devices which are designed to treat specific physical or mental conditions or ailments.

Morally Repugnant Sites: Geobid does not permit sites which have no redeeming social value, or which are morally repugnant and patently offensive. Geobid reserves the right to refuse service at any time to any site which Geobid determines at its sole and separate discretion to be morally repugnant.

Parked/Domain Register Websites:  Geobid does not permit parked websites (domains that are not affiliated with a website) or domain register landing pages.

Penny Auction Websites: Geobid prohibits the use of auction websites which require a non-refundable fee which is required to bid on services or items.

Personal Promotion/Social Media Promotion Sites: Geobid does not accept individual “profiles” (or personal websites) from social media sites. This includes, but is not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkdIn, etc.

Piracy/ Intellectual Property Infringement Sites: Geobid will not accept websites which either contain content, or induce users to misappropriate or infringe on others intellectual property, this includes trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, or any other type of intellectual property which rightfully belongs to another.

Political Campaigns: Geobid strongly supports a fair and democratic political process. Geobid will accept websites and advertisements for political campaigns which focus on an individual candidate who is being promoted for election. Geobid will not accept ads which are negative or contain derogatory candidate about an opposing candidate. Websites or ads which specifically target special interest groups will also not be accepted.

Prescription Medication: Geobid does not accept ads or websites which promote prescription medications or medical tools or services. Although websites or ads may comply with local laws, Geobid strives to protect the privacy of all of its’ users, therefore these sites or ads will not be accepted. Online pharmacies or similar sites offering medications will not be accepted.

Surveillance Websites: Websites offering products to surreptitiously monitor others will not be accepted. This includes products designed to eavesdrop, monitor, track or collect information from individuals without that individual’s knowledge or consent. Exceptions can be made as to services or products designed to monitor the users children or employees (as long as they comport with local laws).

Tobacco (Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes), CBD (Cannabidiol) and E-Cigarettes: Geobid’s ad network partners prohibit the sale of all tobacco products, CBD (Cannabidiol) or E-Cigarette/Vaping products. Therefore, all websites or advertisements promoting or selling these items will not be allowed.

Unusual Click Through Rate (CTR): Geobid reserves the right to ban all sites which demonstrate an unusually high Click Through Rate. This is done with the belief that there may be a reasonable likelihood that these clicks were falsely generated or that they contain content which produces “auto generated” clicks.

Violent Content: Geobid does not accept ads or sites which contain or depict a violent content.

Weapons/Firearms: Geobid will not accept websites or ads which promote weapons or firearm sale. This includes all objects which are designed to injure others, such as: guns/firearms; ammunition; gun parts; bombs/fireworks or other types of explosive; knives/ throwing stars/spears or other sharp throwing objects; stun guns/tazors; pepper spray/mace; or websites which contain instructions on how to build bombs or other types of weapons.

Weight loss/Diet Supplement Websites: Geobid does not accept websites which promote weight loss supplements or pills, or products or services specifically focused on the singular purpose of losing weight. However, Geobid will accept fitness center, gyms and personal trainings who have verifiable claims about improving the users’ health.

Sensitive Information

Sensitive Information includes information deemed sensitive under applicable laws or self-regulatory codes, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Health information 
    • In addition to any applicable laws, Geobid employs the Network Advertising Initiative definition of Sensitive Health Information:
      • Information about any past, present, or potential future health or medical conditions or treatments, including genetic, genomic, and family medical history based on, obtained or derived from pharmaceutical prescriptions or medical records, or similar health or medical sources that provide actual knowledge of a condition or treatment
      • Information, including inferences, about sensitive health or medical conditions or treatments, including, but not limited to, all types of cancer, mental health-related conditions, and sexually- transmitted diseases
      • Further explanation can be found in the commentary to the NAI Code of Conduct.
  • Financial information
    • In addition to any applicable laws, Geobid employs the NAI and DAA definitions of financial information. To be clear, Geobid considers to be sensitive any negative information or inferences about users’ financial status or creditworthiness.
  • Sexual Orientation or sex life
    • Information or inferences regarding a user’s sexual orientation or sexual behavior.
  • Race or ethnicity
    • Specific information about a user’s race or ethnicity.
  • Political views
    • Specific information about a user’s political affiliations or views, excluding public registration information in the US.
  • Trade union membership
    • Specific information about a user’s trade union membership or affiliation.
  • Children
    • Information, based on knowledge or inference, that identifies users as being under the age of 13.
    • Information about a user’s visits to child-directed inventory.
    • See Children’s Privacy Policy/COPPA for more info.