How do frequency caps work in retargeting?

Frequency caps limit how many times a user sees your retargeting ads. They are a vital part of a successful retargeting campaign.  Too many ads and you’re going to annoy your customers, not enough ads and your campaign will underperform.

What websites can use retargeting?

Majority of websites that are looking to re-engage with their lost website visitors can use retargeting! If you’re a fitness studio, wedding planner, etc., retargeting is a great solution to keep your brand’s message “top of mind” when your customers are surfing the web.

How can I show ads to people who visited my website?

The answer: Retargeting If you’ve visited a website ( then started seeing ads for that website ( on other websites as you surf the web (msn, yahoo, espn, etc.), that is called retargeting.

Retargeting for Small Traffic Websites

Retargeting does not have to break the bank.  Here’s how to get started with retargeting for small traffic websites.

2019 Retargeting Optimization Tips

There are three main tools used which determine retargeting success.  Recency, frequency & bid caps.

How to Sell Retargeting/Remarketing

Retargeting/Remarketing is a must-have strategy for small businesses. Here’s how to approach & sell retargeting as a value-add to your clients.