What websites can use retargeting?

Majority of websites that are looking to re-engage with their lost website visitors can use retargeting!

If you’re a fitness studio, wedding planner, etc., retargeting is a great solution to keep your brand’s message “top of mind” when your customers are surfing the web.

We’ve built strict frequency caps (limit how many times a user can see your ads) into our platform to keep your ads relevant and not annoying.

On average, 98% of customers leave a website without taking action (form fill, purchase, lead, etc.) Retargeting helps turn those lost customers into paying customer by reminding them of your website as they surf the web to get them to come back and complete their action.

See: How can I show ads to people who visited my website?

However, there are a few categories of websites that cannot run retargeting ads (see Advertiser Guidelines).

Some examples of websites that cannot use retargeting:

  • Adult Products and Pornography
  • Airsoft and BB Guns:
  • Alcohol
  • Dating Sites
  • Drug and Drug Paraphernalia Sites
  • Gambling Sites
  • Hate Speech
  • Illegal Sites
  • Weapons/Firearms

See Advertiser Guidelines for more restricted categories.

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