Children’s Privacy Policy/COPPA

The collection or use of data from (or about) children is regulated in the US and in various other jurisdictions. Any website that is intended to be used by children under 13 years of age will be defined as a “Child-Site” by The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is implemented by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It is expressly prohibited to target a user on a Child-Site and: (1) deliver and ad based on prior online activity to that user, or (2) update or create a user profile based on the activity of the user (such as a visit and/or click) on a child-directed site, or app and/or any other Child-Site. The FTC has previously stated that COPPA does apply to foreign based sites that are directed to children in the US, or sites which knowingly collect a child’s personal information in the US. It is up to a customer to determine if other jurisdictions have similar rules.

Guidelines on what constitute a Child-Site can be found on the FTC website. customers expressly acknowledge that they may not serve ads on sites identified as Child-Sites which are specifically targeted based on prior user online activity (such as retargeting or behaviorally targeted ads). This includes the collection or use of personal information and personal identifiers (cookie ID’s, device ID’s, IP addresses, or precise Geo-location information) as related to impressions on a Child-Site. customers expressly agree they will not create segments specifically targeting children under 13 without parental consent. and its partners strive to identify Child-Sites during the initial auditing process when sites or ads are submitted. However, cannot guarantee that all Child-Sites will be properly identified by or its partners. Each customer is responsible for ensuring compliance with COPPA and’s policies, regardless of whether the user site is actually identified as a Child-Site by The responsibility and onus of complying with COPPA falls directly on the customer. customers expressly agree and acknowledge that they are required to have COPPA policies and procedures in place on their site or regarding their ads. All customers expressly agree and acknowledge that they are responsible to actively monitor their sites and ads which are submitted, or which have been submitted in the past, to customers agree to promptly respond to any violations or inquiries into any potential COPPA violations.

In addition, customers expressly agree that, at its sole and separate discretion, may take any reasonable action necessary involving a potential COPPA violation, including but not limited to: blocking an ad or site; banning any contact; pausing a campaign or a member’s account; or any other step determines is necessary at’s sole and separate discretion. In reviewing whether to allow a customer permission to correct their ads and resume service with, will determine whether the customer had reasonable policies and procedures in place; whether those policies and procedures were followed; whether there had been prior recommendations or violations; whether the incident was purposeful and preventable, and the overall severity of the incident.

Any customer who believes that their content, site or campaigns have been incorrectly categorized or blocked may email for further investigation. In addition, all customers expressly agree to contact if they become aware that any of’s ad inventory may contain a Child-Site, or which appears not to be a child-directed site but which can be classified as a Child-Site.