How Retargeting Works

On average, 98% of website visitors leave without taking action.
Bring them back with retargeting!


01. Customer visits your website then leaves

When a customer lands on your website, we begin tracking that customer’s page visits & behavior. Our tracking pixel (invisible code on your website) places a cookie in the customer’s browser to collect non-personal information about their behavior on your site.


02. Customer sees your ads on other websites

When the customer leaves your website, we’ll show them targeted ads across 98% of the internet as they browse the web. We’re connected to 500+ top ad networks which will serve your targeted ads on popular websites like Yahoo, LinkedIn, MSN and many more.


03. Customer returns to your website to convert

When a customer clicks on your ad, it will bring them to a landing page of your choice. You can segment your visitors based on their page visits to show them a relevant landing page. For example, bring them to a “products” landing page if they visited your “products” page.

Our industry-leading optimization engines save you time & money

Say goodbye to A/B testing & say hello to real-time optimization

Engagement Engine

Monitors on-site behavior to serve targeted ads to high-intent users

Frequency Engine

Knows how many ads to show your users before they stop engaging

Recency Engine

Models intent over time based on when the user first visited your website

AI-Powered Bidder

Adjusts bids in real-time based on data from our optimization engines

Be everywhere your customers are

Access to 2+ million websites

Reach your customers at the right place & the right time to bring them back to your website & finish their conversion.


Retargeting 101

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On average, only 2% of website visitors convert their first time they visit a website (make a purchase, submit a form, etc). With retargeting, marketers are able to show targeted ads to the other 98% who did not convert to get them to return to your website and finish the conversion.

If you’ve spent time & money getting people to your website (Google, Yelp, print, etc.), utilize retargeting to bring those potential customers back to your website & finish their conversion.

Re-engage your customers across 2+ million websites like Yahoo, LinkedIn, MSN, Facebook & Instagram.  Be everywhere your customers are to bring them back to your website & finish their conversion.

The average click-through rate (CTR) for typical display ads is .06%.  With retargeting, we see click-through rates averaging 200%+ from typical display ads.

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