Malware Policy takes malware (malicious software) very seriously and we have implemented this policy in an effort to prevent malware from being served through the platform. Any software whose primary purpose or design is to gain unauthorized access to users resources, exploit their privacy, or to deny/disrupt their operation will result in a’s customer’s campaign to be immediately paused. reserves the right to take any reasonable actions which may be necessary to address a malware situation.

All customers are required to have a policy or procedure in place for preventing malware and must make every reasonable effort necessary to prevent malware from being served through their ads or websites. reserves the right to review all customer’s policies and procedures regarding malware prior to, or during the running of any individual campaign. If finds a customer’s policy and procedures regarding malware to be insufficient, then reserves the right to pause a customer’s campaign until improvements are made. Customers can seek assistance in the improvement of a their malware policy by consulting with a ad manager.

If detects any malware on a customer’s domain, landing page, or on any creatives or ads submitted, then reserves the right to immediately pause a customer’s campaign and begin an investigation with the cooperation of the customer. Any additional resource which is detected to have a malware threat can also be paused or blocked during the investigation of that threat. This not only includes the customer’s campaign, but their entire account and other campaigns or websites which they may be marketing on

If any malware issues do arise which come to the customer’s attention, or if detects any malware issues and blocks a customer’s account or campaigns, then we urge the customer to immediately contact a ad manager by emailing or calling (480) 356-2807.