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Reporting Dashboard

Easily understand your campaign's performance in your reporting dashboard. Use our date range picker to see metrics over time.


Uploading ads to your account is very easy. Simply give the ad a name, enter the destination URL then choose the ad file to upload. That’s it!


Audience segments allow you to create retargeting pools of users based on different pages they visited on your website. Conversions allow you to track success events like purchase, form fill, etc.

Website Reporting

See exactly what websites your ads have been shown on with our inventory report. You can see performance metrics on each site to understand where your ads are performing the best.

Unlimited Free Trials

Everyone loves free ad spend so we give you a 7-day free trial on EVERY campaign you create. No risk, all reward - Sign up today!

Save Time & Energy

Say goodbye to A/B testing! Our platform knows exactly how to optimize your campaign to get the best performance possible.

Easy-to-Use Platform

We built our platform for in-house marketers & small agencies who want to easily get started or take control of their retargeting.

Our industry-leading optimization engines save you time & money

Say goodbye to A/B testing & say hello to real-time optimization

Frequency Engine

Knows how many ads to show your users before they stop engaging

Recency Engine

Models intent over time based on when the user first visited your website

AI-Powered Bidder

Adjusts bids in real-time based on data from our optimization engines

Be everywhere your customers are

Access to 2+ million websites

Reach your customers at the right place & the right time to bring them back to your website & finish their conversion.


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